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Nancy Wilson Chang
Math Teacher

Mathematics is power. It is the common element to art, design,

music, nature, games, fashion, architecture, language, human behavior, the universe, and...well...everything. Yet, too often, school math is the leading source of frustration and dread--preventing people of all ages from pursuing their goals and dreams.

As a child, I started out liking math and often read library books about math for fun. Even so, after high school, I avoided math classes and initially majored in visual and performing arts in college. For the next ten years, I worked in the graphic arts and photofinishing industry and performed in many theatrical productions.

When my own children reached school age, I began working as the arts director of our local Boys and Girls Club. Here, I developed experiences for school-age learners that integrated math into visual and performing arts workshops. Not surprisingly, the kids at the Club actually enjoyed learning about math in the context of activities they chose for themselves based on their personal interests.

Inspired, I returned to college and completed the teacher certification process, thereby fulfilling my destiny to teach math in the public school system. In 1998, I joined the instructional staff of Edmonds Heights K-12 (formerly EHRC, formerly Cyberschool), where my children attended.

My first official class, The Art of Math, continued the journey leading to my present focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math [STEM] education. Now, my students and I practice math through guitar building, sailing, forensic science, architecture, construction, and design.

Mathematics in context is welcome. Through this natural process, everyone learns, not merely the math, but also the purpose of math. And this understanding dispels math-angst, liberating math’s intrinsic power.



Mathematician on a Mission

Mathematics: The study of patterns—real or imagined, visual or mental, arising from the natural world or from within the human mind.

[Mathematician/Author, Keith Devlin]

Vortex: Something regarded as drawing into its powerful current everything that surrounds it.


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name  Nancy Wilson Chang

job  Teacher, High School Advisor, Presenter

subjects  Algebra, Geometry, STEM Education

School Email  changn@edmonds.wednet.edu

math vortex Email   nancy@themathvortex.com

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